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Welcome, adventurers and dungeon delvers!

This Wikia has all info that you'll ever need to face the many challenges that will eventually appear in your adventures and survive to tell the tale. OK, maybe not. Here you can find stories, tales, legends, ancient lore, gossip etc. It also describes those "unorthodox" stuff you've most certainly made during your adventures (and that your companions would most certainly call "stupid"), so you can learn with your mistakes and those of others.

Good quest!

NOTICE: This Wikia is made for and by the RPG players of our many groups. We use the campaign settings of Wizards of the Coast and other companies (the copyright of the settings, rules, logos etc, is all theirs) and also, eventually, some home-made settings. We play the world-famous Dungeons & Dragons (D&D for the intimate) on the Forgotten Realms, Eberron and Warcraft settings (d20 System, 3.5 edition). We've made a few changes to some aspects of the settings, some rules, etc, as all Dungeon Master is allowed to do - so, if something here doesn't agree with what is written on some book or website, to the Nine Hells with it!

All info here (besides those of the settings, which are copyrighted and all) come from our games and our own twisted minds, so any similarity with reality and real people are coincidental. Of course, RPG is a role-playing game, so our characters are like roles we play (pretty obvious, huh?) - this means that their opinions (specially those regarding goblins) and behavior don't reflect our own etc.


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