Race: Sun elf; Class: Rogue, Cleric, Shadowspy; Alignment: CG; Deity: Lathander

Gender: female; Age: 142

Height: 1.60 m; Weight: 52 Kg

Eyes: green; Hair: black; Skin: golden tan

Place of birth: Evermeet; Birthday: 14/01; Zodiac sign: Badger

Place of residence: Suzail (Cormyr)

Family: ??? (father), ??? (mother)

Jobs: Adventurer

Crafts & Arts: Violin

Languages: Common, Chondathan, Elven, Celestial

Weapons: Dawnmelting (fiery longsword)

Domains: Strength, Sun

Loreley was born in the elven land of Evermmet. However, she was always obsessed by stories and legends of the “continent”. She became a cleric of Lathander and as soon as she achieve the right age, traveled to Faerûn, decided to see Cormanthor, the land of her ancestors. She found a place among the mercenary group Maidens of War, where she has met some strange companions…

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