Race: Human; Class: Rogue, Sacred Slayer; Alignment: CG; Deity: Tymora

Gender: female; Age: 22

Height: 1.70 m; Weight: 60 Kg

Eyes: blue; Hair: purple; Skin: white

Place of birth: Sembia; Birthday: 27/09; Zodiac sign: Eagle

Place of residence: Ordulin (Sembia)

Jobs: Adventurer, sacred slayer

Weapons: Acherontia (blurstrike keen weakening rapier), Lymantria (shortbow)

Lavinia began her adventurer days as a mercenary of the Silver Ravens. She soon joined the ranks of Tymora’s temple in Ordulin, but kept doing works for the Ravens besides the missions she received from the temple. However, all of that was soon going to change.

Lavinia stats

The Blue Whale’s crew discovered that Miklos Selkirk was simultaneously the leader of the Ravens, the Legion and the Pirates of the Sea of Fallen Stars. They were taking him back to Cormyr, but he managed to escape. One of the few people who saw Miklos was Ashram. Ashram was an influential figure in Tymora’s temple in Ordulin and, fearing that Miklos would strike back against the people of temple, he set out for Ordulin to warn them. Ashram knew that there was a high-level slayer working for the church and decided that he would also require the slayers’ service for a mission in the Wizard’s Reach. And so, Lavinia went with Ashram on this mission.