Iyachtu Xvim took the place of his father Bane on the Faerûnian pantheon when the latter was killed. However, Bane’s soul persisted and hid itself inside Xvim’s body. When he had gathered enough power, Bane broke free, killing his son in the process. On that fateful night in 1372 CV, the whole Faerûn saw the signs of Bane’s return in the sky. What no one saw were the fragments of Xvim’s body falling down on the land. These remains were dormant for a while, but soon recovered enough strength to cause trouble to commoners and adventurers alike.

The first remain recorded was a piece of Xvim’s skin that became an atropal-like creature in the depths of the Haunted Halls of Eveningstar, Cormyr. A priest of Xvim somehow knew this was going to happen and traveled to the Halls. He was devising a plan to resurrect his god but was killed by the local kobolds.

  • Bile, yellow: Found by the marut B.R.A.M. ε-274, who managed to destroy it with the help of Baldor and Illia. This remain was enlarging and enraging the native fauna of northern Cormyr (near Tilverton) by polluting the waters. The creature that was actually housing Xvim’s bile was a fang dragon.
  • Blood: Found by the League of Monster Knowledge in the deepest tunnels of Laothkund’s mines, in the Wizard’s Reach. It crystallized and was slowly liberating magic vapors that infected the blood of the miners and guards and transformed them into deformed berserkers. It was also capable of creating blood golems.
  • Bones: Found by Merle and Neeva in an abandoned temple on the mountains between Loudwater and Llorkh. It was attracting evil magical beasts which in turn were attacking the people on the nearby road. It could also create constructs made of bone.
  • Eye, left: Found by Darian & Co. in an abandoned mine on a small village on the mountains southeast from Waterdeep. It turned the villagers into vampiric spawns and the local lord into a vampire.
  • Eye, right: Found by Darian & Co. in the vicinities of an ancient temple of Kossuth. It was turning the salamanders into fiery undead creatures.
  • Heart: Found by Haellyn & Co. in a cavern near Thunderstone, Cormyr. An orc shaman was using it to turn his tribe into powerful devil-like orcs.
  • Skin: The first fragment was found by Haellyn & Co. in the Haunted Halls of Eveningstar, Cormyr. It was transforming the native fauna (bats, rats and kobolds) into undead.
  • Skull: Found by Jaya & Co. in an abandoned fort in the Yuirwood. It was conjuring giant vermin and destabilized the forest’s portal network.