The Maidens of War is a mercenary group that works for other factions and governments from all over Faerûn (specially Cormyr and the Dales), but anyone with the right amount of money can do it (if they are willing to pay the right price).

The group was founded by four friends and adventurers: Aillean, a moon elf warrior; Althea, a human cleric of Helm; Khryseis, a sun elf wizard; and Merle, a tiefling rogue. During their adventures, Aillean gave the others the idea to create the group and, as soon as they did it, they’ve begun to make a name for themselves and to attract followers (they only accept female members). The Maidens of War only accept missions that don’t violate their ethics and moral code (specially the beliefs in Tyr, Torm and Helm).

Recently, they’ve inaugurated an academy in Suzail, Cormyr, for training new recruits. The building also serves as headquarters for the Maidens of War. Moreover, they also posses a skyship named Brünhilde, a gift from the Halruaan witches for all the services in favor of the kingdom performed by the four companions.



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