After Candlekeep was destroyed, a group of adventurers set out to find a legendary mirror library, heeding the last words of the ghost dragon Miiryn, the former Guardian of Candlekeep. They traveled to the Astral Plane and found it under the care of monastic githzerai. Haellyn, one of these adventures, decided that the replica library should be teleported (using the place’s own mini-mythal and draining it completely in the process) to Suzail, Cormyr. The Cormyrean government gladly received it and set out to make the best of it. They decided to uncreatively call the replica library as “New Candlekeep”, but this proved too long for the common folk, who quickly adopted the name “Newkeep”.


  • Meggane Nightwind: Guardian of the library;
  • Illia Ængrilor: Master librarian;
  • Illyria: a githzerai and the former library’s guide;
  • Clio Faberys: a newly-hired assistant librarian;
  • Halvard: a sentient construct and the library’s keeper;
  • Mímir: Halvard’s “familiar”; a tiny construct who can magically access lots of information regarding the library and its books.