The Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting (by Wizards of the Coast) is the most well developed RPG campaign setting in the world. There are more books about the history of the Realms than books about some countries' History. Since the setting appearance until this day (and the days to come), there are a lot of people writing about the Realms and making it grow. Besides the RPG books, there are countless novels and a handful of video games.

The world of the setting is named Toril and the continental mainland where our games take place is our beloved Faerûn, "a land of high magic, terrifying monsters, ancient ruins, and hidden wonders" (as the back cover of the book says). Faerûn is the best place to have your campaign, a rich and vibrant world, well established but still with so much free space for us DMs to invent and fill.

So welcome to Faerûn, my friends! Take a look and see what this fantastic world has to offer!

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