Race: Wild elf (lycanthrope: common genet); Class: Ranger, Scout; Alignment: CN; Deity: Erevan Ilesere, Mielikki

Gender: female; Age: 119

Height: 1.60 m; Weight: 50 Kg

Eyes: reddish brown; Hair: light grayish brown; Skin: dark tan

Place of birth: The Chondalwood; Birthday: 22/01; Zodiac sign: Badger

Place of residence: Aglarond

Jobs: Adventurer

Languages: Common, Elven, Shaaran, Chondathan, Sylvan

Weapons: Vallonia (keen collision glaive)

Ferit stats

Ferit had to leave the Chondalwood when the elves discovered she was a lycanthrope (they don’t like lycanthropes there), so she didn’t even received a last name. Then, she decided to live as an adventurer and wanderer. She finally arrived in Cimbar, where she joined the Blue Whale and it was the first time she saw another lycanthrope (two, actually). Later, she traveled with Jaya to free Aglarond from the Red Wizards.