The Eberron Campaign Setting (by Wizards of the Coast) is the newest official D&D setting. Ebeeron is the name of the world and the continent where the campaigns often take place is called Khorvaire. Eberron is a land of powerful magic, where amazing spells take the place of technology. It is also a place where PCs and NPCs alike tend towards cinematogrphic actions. It is a godsless place of strange creatures, wars, mystery, ancient evils, nasty plots, political intrigue and lots of stuff that simply don't make sense. (But fun nonetheless...)

So welcome to Eberron, happy adventurers!


A Gourmet Guide to KhorvaireEdit



Faeron: The new trend of cuisine is the so-called “Sharn Fusion”, an experiment started by Master Chef Holg in mixing traditional Brelish cuisine with the spices and flavors of distant Khorvairan lands. This fairly recent trend could only be achieved after the end of the Last War, when a vivid commerce invaded the city. The mixture of typical Brelish meats with the sweet and spicy tastes of a myriad of fruits (especially the citrus), peppers and herbs is something you will always remember.


Dyll: We had the opportunity to taste one of the most famous brelish dishes, the "beef Boranel". It was named after one of its most famous appreciator, the king itself! It consists in a beef stuffed with bread and mushrooms and is very tasty. I strongly recommend it, especially with a good glass of red wine. Do not eat too much if you have bandits to pursue the day following, though!

Faeron: Beef Boranel can seem like a simplistic dish at first glance, but for the king in person to care so much about it, it must have some secret. The breadcrumbs in the stuffing are fried in the meat’s own fat, giving it a strong flavor, which is well complemented by the finely chopped chanterelles. The finishing touch is given by a hearty wine-based sauce. This dish can be fittingly accompanied by a green salad.



Dyll: What is a smart gnome made of? Well...there may be more than one answer to this question, but if you visit a certain Zilargo city you may hear “potatoes” as the answer. In Korranberg potatoes are everything (and are everywhere) and you may try the finest Khorvaire potato-based dishes. Of course, of course, the library is also cool!

Faeron: Korranberg’s inhabitants joke about the most important gifts the earth has presented Eberron with: gnomes and potatoes, although the relative importance of each is heatedly debated. All of Zilargo’s cuisine revolve around potatoes, and all their dishes are wonderful. If passing through Korranberg don’t miss the “Körsti potato”, a type of pancake made with finely grated potatoes and stuffed with various melted cheese.